Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code

AI music, made simple

Amadeus Code is an artificial intelligence-powered songwriting engine, designed to generate unique song foundations and inspire the next generation of songwriters and musicians. After initially working with Amadeus Code to deliver an audit of their existing iOS application, our engagement grew into a multi-year collaboration.

From audit to iOS

Following our audit of the existing iOS offering, we were engaged to refresh the app, with a focus on allowing songwriters to easily generate and customize unlimited AI “song sketches”, as well as access generated tracks shared by the online Amadeus Community. The result combined applied music theory, extensive multi-voice MIDI sequencing and AI generation within an accessible interface for the everyday user. With the catalogue ever-expanding, Icon/Hydric maintains the app to ensure users can continue to enjoy Amadeus Code’s AI technology.

Following the successful launch of the new Amadeus Code iOS app in 2018, Icon/Hydric were re-engaged to design, engineer and develop their latest vision, Evoke Music.

Evoke Music

Evoke Music is a web-based marketplace for content creators, agencies, applications and OTT media services to discover and download licenced audio produced by Amadeus Code’s artificial intelligence. The concept attracted significant attention and funding to support its development. Working within a hybrid Agile framework, Icon/Hydric designed and engineered a subscription based e-commerce platform that allows the user to search for and download licenced tracks based on keyword inputs, supported in both English and Japanese. Icon/Hydric also developed a solution for ingesting, storing and tagging the audio data provided by the Amadeus team. Visually, the user interface was aligned with the current Amadeus Code app, yet made distinct enough to reflect the company’s evolution.

The Evoke Music site is constantly expanding in both its features and its catalogue. To support this, we continue to work on the Beta site, with product and performance updates pushed regularly.