The Matrix x Niftys

For the launch of The Matrix Resurrections, ITS created 100,000 unique Avatar combinations available as NFTs on the Nifty’s platform.

For the launch of Warner Bros’ The Matrix Resurrections & in partnership with Nifty’s, Icon Tech Studio created a first-of-its-kind NFT avatar project, building 100,000 unique character avatars from millions of unique combinations of features.

Leveraging Epic Game’s hyper-realistic MetaHuman Creator, and working closely with the WB Team & Nifty’s, we crafted a rich character creation process, including building a diverse set of humans, their hairstyles, clothing and accessories, weapons, tattoos, and environments - all in service of creating truly unique avatars which felt true to the Matrix world.

ITS partnered with Nifty’s and Warner Brothers to create the largest drop of generative PFP NFTs to date, selling out of 100,000 avatars in 24 hours.

All buyers were offered the opportunity to choose to take a “Blue Pill,” which kept their avatar in the Matrix, or a “Red Pill,” which transformed their avatar it into a resistance fighter. The Matrix NFT project is a multi-year story, which will include frequent challenges, an active community, and the ability to earn NFT rewards.

The launch is part of a continuing collaboration with Nifty’s and ITS, following our recent Common Canvas digital NFT group show in September 2021. See that here.

Red Pill or Blue Pill?